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Plandemonium videos

Rob Cowan hacks his way through the urban jungle.

  • Why are brownfields brown?
    Why are brownfields brown? They're not, they're......
  • How can we work with the landscape to make liveable places?
    Rob Cowan shows how the liveability of our cities is contingent on all those responsible for designing and managing our cities working with the landscape rather than against it.
  • Why are the new urbanists and the landscape urbanists at war?
    Rob Cowan describes the battle between feuding isms and what it takes to be truly urbane.
  • What was Ebenezer Howard's big idea?
  • Why don't foreign countries have pedestrian guardrails?
    Rob Cowan explains why some streets treat people like animals.
  • Why do highway engineers wear short-sleeved shirts?
    Rob Cowan finds something strange about the design of cities.
  • Why do architects wear bow ties?
    Rob Cowan asks why architects insist on dressing differently from everyone else.
  • Car parking in front gardens. Some negative consequences and potential remedies.
    Front gardens help to make towns and cities worth living in. They can make walking a pleasure, promote sociability, contribute to biodiversity, reduce the danger of flooding and make streets safer. But too many are neglected, contributing nothing to the quality of the place. Every year thousands of front gardens are paved over. How can this be avoided? Where there is damage, how can these vital spaces be improved?