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Rob Cowan’s videos on urban matters, produced and hosted by Urban Nous


Rob Cowan hacks his way through the urban jungle.

  • Why are brownfields brown?
    Why are brownfields brown? They're not, they're......
  • How can we work with the landscape to make liveable places?
    Rob Cowan shows how the liveability of our cities is contingent on all those responsible for designing and managing our cities working with the landscape rather than against it.
  • Why are the new urbanists and the landscape urbanists at war?
    Rob Cowan describes the battle between feuding isms and what it takes to be truly urbane.

Urbanism Bites

  • Language and Urban Design: What's in a word?
    An Urban Design Group Lecture. Rob Cowan is author of The Dictionary of Urbanism, Urban Design Guidance, Placecheck, The Connected City, The Cities Design Forgot and Designing Places. He co-authored By Design and Re:Urbanism
  • Placecheck, the Placecheck App and so much more.
    Rob Cowan describes the process and merit of conducting a Placecheck. Placecheck is the simplest way of finding out what a place and its people can tell us, and starting the process of making change happen.
  • Housing Layouts: From sea squirts to parking courts
    Precambrian influences.